Rod Williams and Chopper
Rod Williams poses in front of the chopper which transported him throughout Vietnam

Robert J. Taft, Rod Williams and Wounded Marine
Congressman Robert Taft Jr., Rod Williams and a wounded Marine

Rod Williams and Camera
News Director Williams doubled as a WSAI war photographer

Richard Nixon and Rod Williams
Richard Nixon and Rod Williams

Rod Williams, WSAI and Vietnam

Rod Williams was News Director of WING in Dayton, Ohio, from the late 1950's until the early 1960's. It was the dawn of Top 40 Radio, introduced in Dayton by WING General Manager Dale Moudy (a protege of Todd Storz.) While in Dayton, Williams was instrumental in the formation of one of Ohio's first sport parachute clubs.

Williams' interview with convicted murderer Edith Klump is credited with helping to win her stay of execution and eventual release from death row.

Williams left WING to join WSAI in Cincinnati as News Director. He won numerous awards as a combat reporter in Vietnam, including resolutions of commendation from the 105th Ohio General Assembly and the Cincinnati City Council. While at WSAI, Rod helped establish Cincinnati's first private jet club.

Williams left WSAI and became manager of KMVI, Maui, Hawaii, (where he had been a staff announcer before WING) and KHEI-KVIB, Maui. He also managed KBYR-KNIK in Anchorage, Alaska before returning to Cincinnati as manager of WRBZ-WCVG. WCVG was the world's only "All Elvis" formatted radio station.

Rod is presently semi-retired but produces documentary videos for the travel market. He devotes considerable time to working with the handicapped. Rod and his wife Ruth Rettig reside in Burlington, Kentucky.

Rod Williams was inducted into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame in Akron Ohio on October 4, 2000. Previous inductees include Lawrence Welk, Chris Schenkel and Edward R. Murrow.

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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
Rod Williams, Vietnam Report, WSAI Cincinnati (31:33)

Williams in a shell crater
Rod Williams in a shell crater
. . . and it's your job to do it, but you say to yourself, why in the hell have I got a job like this . . .

Dick Kirkpatrick, Washington Bureau Chief for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Congressman Robert Taft Jr. and a "network correspondent" named Dick Harris, join WSAI News Director Rod Williams for Vietnam Report.

This was one of a series of programs that aired on WSAI during the 60's. It was recorded during a ten day tour of Vietnam. Produced by Sam Jones, it showcases the period style of radio documentary (edited with a razor blade, of course) and is an excellent example of the importance assigned to news by Top 40 pioneer WSAI.

This feature includes numerous interviews with servicemen, most of them young soldiers from Ohio. From back home, we hear phone calls from the families of those soldiers. And, one prediction by Williams turned out to be all too true. When asked by a caller if there is an end (to the war) in sight, he replies solemnly, "In my opinion, it's going to go on for many years."

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