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PLAY Audio Stimulation Demo: Charlie & Harrigan, KMJJ Las Vegas, 1979 (14:36)

. . . The best of Charlie and Harrigan — boy, if you thought Nixon had some minutes missing from HIS tape . . .

Description by Uncle Ricky

I know very little about the origin of this demo, other than it was produced by Audio Stimulation, a west-coast (San Diego?) company attempting to syndicate Charlie & Harrigan via the format concept of the 1980's, Reconstructed Syndication.

Say what? Seems simple enough, it's pre-recorded radio, customized to your station, as live as your competition. Here, it's featured for Adult Contemporary KMJJ/Magic 11, formerly KLUC/1140 in North Las Vegas. (This station has had many format and call letter changes since.) Station Manager Richard Phalen is heard in the introduction, and the station is using the TM You jingles.

Jeff Michaels is the local newsperson along with a traffic reporter named Steve. Note that Charlie & Harrigan NEVER identify a record. Once, they backsell an oldie with a generic reference to "1964." I presume this was to allow the pre-recorded bits to be moved around and re-used, with no particular bit tied to any musical selection. Of course, the music was secondary, so this could work with a class act like Charlie & Harrigan.

Anyone with any more information about Audio Stimulation and Reconstructed Syndication is encouraged to COMMENT, below.

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