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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 64Kbps (13Khz) Simulated Stereo
PLAYJimmy Rabbitt, KROQ Los Angeles, December 24, 1977 (1:13:06)

. . . Do I sound drunk enough? I try real hard to sound drunk . . .


Was he "into it", or just "out of it"? This Christmas Eve 1977 recording features legendary radio rebel Jimmy Rabbitt on KROQ AM & FM. The music is unpredictable and delightful, Rabbitt has won the Black Velvet award, and there's even a spot for drug paraphernalia — use Johnny Snowflake and your nose will know.

You can call this format "free form rock", if you wish, but Rabbitt plays some great old rhythm & blues, cajun country (don't that make you wanna kick off your shoes and get close to a squirrel?) and even a few pop surprises. When the "format" requires a "cross-plug", he quips, "Go to church." About this time, Rabbitt also enjoyed some success with his band Renegade and released two singles on Capitol records.

Contributor Rob Frankel says that Shadoe Stevens was the KROQ PD at the time, and that the KROQ-FM signal wasn't strong enough at his Hollywood apartment to record in stereo, so he recorded this one in mono. We've processed it in simulated stereo to add some depth, but truly, you can't get much deeper, more simulated or stimulated than the Rabbitt.


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