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The Production Room
Oldest selections previously featured as RA 3.0 beta tests

PLAY TM Productions AirPower '83 Demo (05:22)
2014 March 2

[By Uncle Ricky]

This clever production for TM Productions demonstrates AirPower (1983), a contemporary logo package for WBBM-FM (B-96, Chicago).

Many hit music stations had abandoned jingles altogether in 1983. These jingles were designed to provide a quick blend into the music.

PLAY PAMS Series 29 Jingles for WSAI Cincinnati, 1965 (08:09)
2013 August 18
Rocket Radio!

[By Uncle Ricky]

One of the most popular PAMS packages of all time, Series 29, the Go-Go series was created after the hugely successful Jet Set, Series 27. And, like Series 27, it featured Gleni Rutherford Tai and her angelic high scat backgrounds mixed with brass and fast rhythmic accompaniment to the all-male vocal group. While the appeal now is mostly nostalgic, these jingles are still powerful, uplifting and delightful to hear in 2013.

And, this composite of Series 29 jingles has been customized for WSAI in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the height of their Top 40 dominance. The logo is custom, the lyrics are custom, and it's all about Rocket Radio, including a cut for Space Age News!

PLAY TM Productions Retaliate Jingle Demo (05:55)
2013 June 16
Isn't it time your station showed them who's boss?

[By Uncle Ricky]

The package is called Retaliate, a TM demo featuring cuts for WAVA in Washington, D.C., and B-96 in Chicago.

OK, the singers are real people (aren't they?) but I wonder if there are any other warm-blooded musicians elsewhere on this demo, I mean, other than a keyboardist or two. It sounds like it was all played on a synthesizer. These jingles would work well with 1980's CHR. It was produced in 1988.

PLAY PAMS 37 Jingles WFIL Philadelphia Remix (04:50)
2013 May 05
Music comes here to play

[By Uncle Ricky]

Here's a fresh Composite of PAMS Series 37 Jingles, re-mixed for WFIL Philadelphia, simply some of the BEST Top 40 jingles of all time, for one of the greatest Top 40 stations ever.

The vocal group on these jingles is All Male, and the genius and perfect blend of this PAMS group is also one of the BEST, ever. There's some serious testosterone here!

PLAY PAMS Series 22,23,26,28 Jingles for WKBW, Buffalo (16:53)
2013 April 28
No we never goof up our bration steaks

[By Uncle Ricky]

This sparkling composite of original PAMS jingles was customized for WKBW, Buffalo, New York. Featured are cuts from Series 22, 23, 26 and 28. Series 22 and 23 were originally created, at the same time, for WKBW, and boasted a 45-piece string section. Portions of the tracks for the series were recorded in Mexico!

Concluding the Series 22/23 composite is a full "city jingle" for Buffalo, The Queen City of The Lakes.

PLAY PAMS Jingles for WBBQ, Augusta GA (05:29)
2012 October 7
WBBQ Tiger Radio

[By Uncle Ricky]

This composite was created from a reference dub of jingles produced by PAMS for WBBQ in Augusta, Georgia. This station was a Southeastern Top 40 legend, and they could afford the best.

These reference tapes make an exuberant and sparkling tribute to two of the very best PAMS series. First, there is Series 34-C, with the stock "music power" lyric. Then, it's Series 27 (Jet Set) re-lyriced to use the Music Power moniker. These two series worked very well together and both featured strong vocal groups. It's a terrific presentation of some of the most familiar Top 40 jingles with a "new" logo.

It's WBBQ, Tiger Radio. The earliest these jingles could have been produced would have been 1967 1964. WBBQ paid for these, but we don't know when. There's a lineup of DJ shouts, but half of those are like Fakebook accounts, and there were several very stable employees at that radio station, back in the day. In any event, many will remember these classic jingles from a bunch of other stations. They are bright and happy!

PLAY PAMS Philadelphia Story for WABY Albany, NY (04:49)
2012 September 16
East of Midnight

[By Uncle Ricky]

This is a composite of PAMS jingles for WABY in Albany, New York, sourced from a reference dub of the session in the early '70s.

Most of this composite features The Philadelphia Story package, originally recorded for WFIL in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The second part of this composite features acapellas, some featuring a guitar "slide" effect, similar to what was in use at WLS/Chicago in 1969. The composite concludes with electronic news signatures.

PLAY PAMS Series 49 A, B Modulators (WLS, WGAR) Demo (12:28)
2012 June 24
How many jingles should a station have?

[By Uncle Ricky]

This is a composite demo of PAMS Series 49A (for WLS/Chicago) and 49B (for WGAR/Cleveland.) Named The Modulators, and produced in 1977, it was originally a WLS custom series, and also holds the distinction of being the last PAMS "numbered" series. The orginal PAMS went out of business in 1978.

There's a string of jock jingles for WLS, helping place the time these were used, demonstrations of the jingles "in use", and a typical PAMS lecture on how the jingles should be presented. Not surprisingly, PAMS recommended that jingles should be used before music, between music, and between commercials — the more the better!

There's a lot of stuff about "modules" and smooth flow, starter modulators, and how some are static in smooth structure. I guess it was rocket science. The important thing is how they sound on the air, and we've all heard sufficient WLS with these jingles to know they were powerful and memorable. And, there's a wonderfully funky version of the famous "Copyright" jingle on the end.

PLAY PAMS CUSTOM 14K Custom Jingles KQV Pittsburgh 1974 (05:19)
2011 December 04
Four Teen Kay

[By Uncle Ricky]

We have an aircheck of a few of these jingles in use at KQV, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, in 1974. I know we bought cuts from this package and used them on the air at WJAR in Providence with J-A-R substituted for Four-Teen-Kay, and that couldn't have been later than 1974, so, this must be a 1974 PAMS demo from about that time. Included in the PAMS tape box with this recording is a business card from the late Fred Hardy, my favorite jingle salesman.

picture of PAMS box says Imagineered By PAMS

This was a very powerful-sounding package, at the time, with extraordinary performances. Some of the acapella work (7-voice?) is the very best PAMS sound. This demo includes a full line-up of pseudo-DJs, including Joe Happy, Sterling Quality, Larry Speedway, Bobby Bubble, Jeremiah Black, and Lenny Limbo.

This was intended to be a complete on-air production package, with exciting new electronic news and traffic sounders, and a combination of speech, instrumental and vocal representations of your SIGNATURE. And that's the way it was, back when radio stations were not afraid to sing their name.

PLAY TM Productions RKOverture Demo (20:10)
09 November 15
a year-round overture was just what I was looking for

[By Uncle Ricky]

This demo for the TM Productions RKOverture was delivered to me by the United States Postal Service, sometime in 1979. News of the passing of Tom Merriman on November 11, 2009 moved me to give it one more listen, and to share it with you in our Production Room.

Charlie Van Dyke, who narrates this demo, worked briefly for WRKO (Boston) around this time, and the station was apparently launching a new "adult contemporary" image with this fully-orchestrated and undoubtedly expensive jingle package.

This demo is very generous, with every cut, and alternate versions, "in the clear." It's 100% TM with big, powerful instrumentals that would do any voice-over more than proud.

PLAY Tuesday Productions WHISPERS Demo, 1977 (03:13)
09 November 08
and when you call, try not to talk too loud

[By Uncle Ricky]

picture of the 5 inch tape box for WHISPERS demo I have noted before that Top 40 master programmer John Rook used "whispering" jingles at KQV in Pittsburgh, and again at KFI in Los Angeles, and here is the demo for Tuesday Productions' WHISPERS and KFI in 1977. John Leader is out front on this demo.

I think these "jingles" would work with today's music radio... There is no vocal group that can connect with modern synthesized ghetto music, but if you can whisper the id.. think of the possibilities! Whispering is still popular, even if melodies are now secondary to the beat.

As demonstrated here, get a strong ID (KFI, three syllables) and put whatever you want in front of it, or drop it over the music you play... it works! And it makes so much more sense than just playing songs back-to-back with no ID. Yeah, whisper it. It's better than sittin' there sayin' nothin'.

Or would you rather be an iPod?

PLAY Program Aids Of "THAT HAUNTING THEME" (03:14)
09 September 26
That Haunting Theme

[By Uncle Ricky]

Label of 45 RPM Promo Copy THAT HAUNTING THEME
Actual 45RPM Record of "THAT HAUNTING THEME" Program Aids.

This is a very bizarre exhibit, received in throw-away condition from a record-collector friend in 2009. It was obviously intended for radio station use. It's a Promotion Copy, Not For Sale, issued by Decca (RECORD NO. 9-34213), and the vocal side of it is "Not To Be Played After 13 Weeks From March 9, 1964". Whatever, but anyone listening to this exhibit has contributed to the owners of the copyright (administered by BMI) who receive compensation from REELRADIO for each play.

This is loud and VERY scratchy. Yes, click reduction was used, but it's dangerous with a record this badly scarred, because there are so many scratches that pieces of the music disappear.

Now, all of these are THEMATIC, that is to say, the same notes are used over and over, just like a radio station or production logo. If you like, sing along! As a lyric, "That Haunting Theme" works just fine, but so does any other 4-syllable phrase (ie: REEL-RAY-DEE-OH!) Where have we heard this before? Was it used on television in the '50's? It just has that kind of sound, as if someone like George Fenneman should step up to the microphone and do some announcing.

This exhibit features INSTRUMENTAL PROGRAM AIDS first. There are six cuts. These are followed by seven cuts from the VOCAL PROGRAM AIDS. On the Vocal side, the artist is shown as HENRY JEROME HIS CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA. On the Instrumental side, it's just HENRY JEROME AND HIS ORCHESTRA. I suppose some will insist these are "haunting" in the sense of "spooky", but I think not.

But, some of us may have heard or played them on small local radio stations, and that's certainly scary!

PLAY TM Woodstock Ten Years Later Demo, 1979 (07:45)
09 August 09
3 days, man, 3 days

[By Uncle Ricky]

Face of Tape Box for this demo

It may be that the DEMO for the six-hour TM Productions feature of WOODSTOCK - TEN YEARS LATER is all that remains of the program.

This IS a terrific demo, featuring many of the iconic commercially-recognizable musical references of the Woodstock event. Plus, we have some genuine stereo ping-pong.

As a bonus, the demo ends with a bit of the Bee Gees. I pray this isn't why the original six hours is lost... Happy to have the DEMO.

PLAY PAMS WCAU-FM Jingles, 1972 (05:27)
31 May 09
Solid Gold Radio

[By Uncle Ricky]

Where All The Good Songs Have Gone! If memory serves, this is a copy of a demo given to me by the late Fred Hardy sometime around 1972. Fred was selling PAMS jingles and he always left some goodies behind. I was working at WYCL in York, S.C. at the time, and I do remember "borrowing" the Greatest Hits Of All Time - Golden Ninety-Eight jingle. After all, WYCL was The Great 98 on 980Khz.

Of course, the jingles were originally a "custom" package created for WCAU-FM (98.1 Mhz) in Philadelphia, and other CBS owned and operated stations. In 1972, CBS was experimenting with an automated oldies format on FM. The bulk of the jingles used only a few tracks, but mixed them with different vocals and lyrics.

PLAY TM Sound 70 Demo for WCFL Chicago, 1977 (06:45)
01 Jun 08
gives great radio

[By Uncle Ricky]

All fans of Big Ten WCFL will recognize this demo for Sound 70, because these jingles got a LOT of play on The Voice Of Labor. The package was obviously written and syndicated in 1969 or 1970 A number of the jingles use arrangements from popular tunes of that period.

The "open" sound of the vocals, with the bass guy up front (ie: the slow "Big Ten Music" acapella) has always been a favorite, along with the lush orchestrations.

And now, maybe someone can tell me what the heck they are singing at 3:40. I have never been able to understand that lyric, though I love the melody.

PLAY TM The Power Demo for WIND Chicago, 1977 (10:04)
20 Apr 08
comes from TM Productions of Dallas, of course

[By Uncle Ricky]

TM The Power Mailer
Fortunately, the jingles were a lot better than the graphics.
This TM demo is for Westinghouse and WIND, Chicago, but I know that the Christmas jingle was also on WNBC in New York. Still, you gotta love that Gone With the WIND signature!

This is an EXCELLENT ID package. As a 55+ radio listener, I would so love to hear a radio station that was able to match the quality of these jingles. But don't worry - I understand that people my age are no longer of interest to advertisers, broadcasters, or the people next door who don't speak English.

THIS, radio with these jingles, this is the radio you can't hear today. Imagine A Radio Station, just ONE Radio Station, not "clusters", as we have today. This one radio station would have lovable local hosts and imaginative, familiar musical segments. Imagine there were genuine local people on the radio and in the radio station, and there were lots of them, making a decent living. Imagine anyone who wanted to compete with them would actually need to compete! Of course, that was radio before radio became a box of iPods.

PLAY PAMS New Custom 71 Commercial Demo (08:16)
20 Apr 08
Take A Stuckey's Stop

[By Uncle Ricky]

tape box label At the same time PAMS of Dallas was making legendary jingles for radio stations, they were also making memorable commercial jingles for national, regional, and local clients. This demo of commercial jingles, distributed (on a 5-inch reel in the box illustrated) as New Custom '71 features the familiar PAMS sound for several non-radio clients - though they were obviously created for radio.

The first 4 minutes are, in my opinion, the best of the demo. The jingles for Stuckey's, Weiner King, Eskimo Pie, Oldsmobile Ranger and the Job Corps are very nice. But I am lost at about 4:29, when they start singing about Hoschell Cole (Hoshall Kohl?) or something... Then there's the Lafayette Building Association and finally, Hudson-Belk in Raleigh, something I recognize, being of Tarheelian association.

These are great fun and definitely the genuine PAMS sound of the era.

PLAY Thunder Jingle Demo, Just You & Me, WDRC Hartford CT (04:32)
09 Mar 08
Big D The Way It Should Be

[By Uncle Ricky]

tape box label I suspect that some of the cuts in this demo for Thunder Productions, LTD. ended up in other jingle packages. I'd also bet that some of these cuts were actually used on WDRC, Hartford. And if I was pressed to guess one more time, I'd say this demo is from 1972. Whew, there we go.

Wasn't Thunder a re-birth of Tanner, in Memphis? These vocalists are very good, Dallas-Quality, and the instrumentation is first-class. This could have been a TM or PAMS package, but it wasn't. It was Thunder.

I have presented pictorial proof of this demo issued on 7.5 ips stereo reel tape. For this presentation, I removed the silence (tightened it up!) and as "demos" go - this is more like a reference dub of some of the mixes. Was this package custom for WDRC, and then made into a demo? Who was Thunder Productions, LTD.? I think they did a package called "Shotgun Heaven", I have a demo for that around here somewhere...

PLAY TM CBS Series Jingle Demo (13:03)
06 Jan 08
Call Collect for Dennis Meeks

[By Uncle Ricky]

In his book, The Hits Between The Hits, Don Worsham explains why Dennis Meeks, the son of PAMS founder Bill Meeks, was selling jingles for competitor TM. It involves money and the law, so it is horridly complex. Let me take a chance on a summary: In 1977, PAMS had been sold to a patchwork company that couldn't fulfill their contract, and by 1979, Dennis was selling jingles for TM.

I guess I got this demo about 1979 when I was working at 96.9 in Sacramento (97 FM). It's a demo for the TM CBS Series Jingles for KCBS-FM in San Francisco, I think it was automated. It was called "97K", and that's all they sing.

And when they give examples of these big-time classy jingles "in use on the air", something is missing. I think it's the Disc Jockeys. The point is, these jingles were designed to be the backbone of an intelligent radio station, not just something that emulated a futuristic iPod.

I do feel better knowing that some CHR stations in the 80's used a handful of jingles. But this demo, where almost the ENTIRE package is pretty much available "in the clear" - says a lot for "what happened to radio." You needed people with these jingles and production stagings. That's what made radio magic. This series is first-class, but not enough to lift this demo to greatness.

PLAY PAMS Colorway Jingle Composite (05:05)
07 Oct 07
A PAMS Publication

[By Uncle Ricky]

YOU can play guitar the correct way - it's the easy way to play! Get ColorWay!

What the heck was it? My requests for more information on this apparently orphaned PAMS retail product generated nothing, so let's guess. It involved sticking "things of color" on your guitar, and it included sheet music that used color, instead of standard music notation. So, you could play new songs on your guitar, even if you couldn't read music. That's a guess.

But I do think it likely it was offered to PAMS client stations for barter (jingles for spots), or maybe some broadcasters ran the spots for free but got a percentage of each one sold ("Per Inquiry"). What we also don't have is sample copy of the type the local announcer would read over these jingles. I betcha the typical Top 40 jock of the period would be quite zippy and animated over these babies, unlike the "official" announcer on the tag. He's just not having any fun at all.

There are five near-60-second tracks in all, plus a 20-second quickie. These are a lot of fun to hear because they represent the best of classic PAMS! Here is the arrangement style, musicians, vocalists AND sonovox heard in those mid-60's PAMS jingles. The fidelity is delightful, particulary if you can pull the full 96kbps stream.

Thanks to Media Preservation Foundation.

PLAY TM Productions Electronicus II for WSAI, Cincinnati (02:09)
10 Jun 07
1360 WSAI

[By Uncle Ricky]

This logo-only demo for WSAI Cincinnati features a package released as Electronicus II by TM Productions, but you will recognize many tracks from other popular TM releases at the time.

Ah, but THESE have funky moog sounders, because it was trendy, of course. Not particularly great quality, but right off another 7-inch reel of acetate tape, (in an Allied Electronics box!) undoubtedly the original TM demo dubbed from and to Ampex 440 full-track machines in the WIXE/Monroe (NC) production room, circa 1969.

PLAY TM Drivin' Band Screamin' Vocals Demo, 1980s (05:53)
22 Oct 06
TM Box Label Drivin Band Screamin Vocals
If Done Properly

[By Uncle Ricky]

Oh YEAH! Sounds great after 25+ years from the 7.5 ips 2-track reel machine.

It's TM Productions' DBSV demo, from sometime in the early '80's.

Hey, all "AOR-type" stations should have ID jingles! Shouldn't they?

REALLY HOT in broadband stereo. Includes singers that will peel your face back.

PLAY Toby Arnold Target 25-49 Demo, 1978 (05:35)
21 May 06
Target 25, 49. Listen...

[By Uncle Ricky]

Toby Arnold & Associates produced radio and commercial jingles in Dallas for many years.

Toby Arnold passed away on May 14, 2006.

This is a demo of one of his later packages, "Target 25-49", as produced for KS-95 FM, KSTP-FM, Minneapolis.

PLAY Toby Arnold Rockin' Easy Demo, 1978 (03:21)
21 May 06
Rockin' Easy in the Motor City

[By Uncle Ricky]

This demo from Toby Arnold & Associates features tracks for WNIC-FM in Detroit - Rockin' easy in the Motor City.

Produced in 1978, this demo is representative of the top-drawer talent available in Dallas at the time. And the narrator sure sounds like Charlie Van Dyke, though we're not sure...

PLAY TM Image Demo, 1978 (24:25)
14 May 06
Image is the name of the game. Radio is a product, too

[By Uncle Ricky]

Norman Rose narrates this exceptional TM Productions demo distributed on vinyl in 1978. Some of the best jingles of the '70's are included on this demo, along with the spoken words of Jerry Atchley, Dick Hamilton, TM founder Tom Merriman, Bob Piper (who actually acknowledges PAMS) and Jim Kirk. A most impressive list, don't you think?

Back then, they claimed that stations that used musical IDs got 25% higher ratings than those who didn't.
The demo opens with jingles for WBAL-TV in Baltimore, so they were obviously hoping to sign more TV clients. If you examine the graph at the right (included on the inside of the LP jacket), you'll see that it was all so very scientific.

Also: WMAQ goes country and TM did it all. And WBZ and KFRC and KFMB and ... so much more.

So Tom Merriman invented commercial and radio station ID jingles in 1953? Whew. This demo might even be controversial. It's certainly entertaining. Transferred from very clean vinyl LP, the fidelity is outstanding (at 44Kbps). I'll leave it to our qualified visitors to fill in the blanks.

PLAY PAMS Clyde Jingles Demo for WKNR Detroit, 1971 (06:03)
11 Sep 05
Motor City Memory

[By Uncle Ricky]

This PAMS Demo for the jingles called Clyde from 1971 is featured here from my 7.5 ips reel copy in all its Orban Optimod processed glory. WKNR is the featured station, but I can't tell you which of these jingles were actually used on "KEENER 13" in Detroit. I do remember hearing some of these on WFIL in Philadelphia, and WJAR in Providence - and WYCL in York, South Carolina - where I bought a few from this very demo.

This is not only an exceptionally generous demo (all the cuts are "in the clear"), it is, in my opinion, one of the best PAMS packages of all time.

And we are treated to the original PAMS Copyright Jingle at the close. What more could you want? This was a *fabulous* set of jingles.

PLAY Toby Arnold Studio 97 Disco Aircheck Demo, 1978 (26:45)
19 Jun 05
It's Saturday night, 8 o'clock, and Studio 97 Disco is on the air
Picture of Tape Box label

[By Uncle Ricky]

For now and as long as the Repository exists, this exhibit will serve to demonstrate some of the late '70's Disco Madness. The entire 26 minutes was distributed, as you can hear it here, by Toby Arnold and Associates, (Copyright 1978) on a very nice NAB hub 7-inch reel, in STEREO. And most of it is music, including a KC and The Sunshine Band double-play. The right channel tape track dropped out in a couple places, but I didn't have the inclination to start over. I don't think I had ever played this tape. Otherwise, the fidelity is really quite good.

Apparently, this program (automated?) was running on KPAM-FM (?) in Portland Oregon... Well, we'll wait for confirmation on that.

Notice how the program content shifts from thumpa-thumpa disco music to thumpa-thumpa promotional and commercial announcements - and THE BEAT NEVER CHANGES! Oh wow. Is this awesome, or what?

PLAY TM Productions ROCK Demo, KRBE Houston 1980 (19:43)
30 Jan 05
Camera-ready mechanicals
Uncle Ricky, what's a "camera-ready mechanical"?

Uncle Ricky:
Well, little Youngster, back in those pre-Desktop-Publishing days, it was like - a photograph - a glossy hi-res paper picture that we sent to the printer guy. It was made with a big machine and noxious chemicals by sweaty publications geeks who did that kind of stuff. That's why we called them "mechanicals".

[By Uncle Ricky]

And so it was. The more I listened to this 1980 TM Productions "Rock" demo, the more I want to be in 1980 again. Or maybe I just want to be 29 again. The "station image songs" really "grow on you" (or me, in this case), but I realize that contemporary hip-hop slopheads won't get it. Who needs them, anyway? They'll be in jail soon enough when they trip over their pants.

But, there are some nice things here for those of us who remember a time when radio stations were "Places To Be", and not just "Brands". (Thanks to John Long.) I took this right off a 7.5 ips TM-issued tape, Orbanized it a bit, but there is one place where the tape drags for a fraction of a second, sorry! Such things make our exhibits even more exclusive.
TM Productions ROCK logo

It would be nice to know more about this one - how many stations used it? Did KRBE (FM-104 in Houston, TX) actually use it? Who's the narrator? He's GREAT for this demo.

"tell me that we're more than friends, tell me that the music will never end.."

PLAY PAMS Series 27, 29 Jingles for WOOW Greenville, N.C. (06:00)
09 Jan 05
Greenville North Carolina, Home of E. C. U.

[By Uncle Ricky]

While at East Carolina University (1969-1970), I worked weekends at WOOW (Big Wow!). I was very excited to get a copy of the station's PAMS master, but the jingles really weren't in use at all by the time I got there.

This class IV station (1KW day, 250w night) was owned by Danny Jacobson, who was also resident General Manager. I'll welcome any corrections to the story, but I think that Danny had been associated with WMEX in Boston in some way. He knew Stan Kaplan (WAYS in Charlotte) and I suspect he got a "good buddy" deal on these, possibly the two most popular series of PAMS jingles.

The jingles feature the original all-male group and are familiar not only to those who remember the tracks from WABC (and hundreds of other Top 40 stations) but also to those who remember the WKBW signature.

PLAY PAMS Radio Bahamas (ZNS1) Jingles (01:54)
07 Nov 04
ZNS One plays the kind of music everyone likes

[By Uncle Ricky]

I've always loved these jingles! Here's a short composite, pieced together from a PAMS reference dub made in the early '70's. In addition to jingles for ZNS1 (Nassau), there are also a couple of tracks for Radio New Providence. These stations apparently operated (or at least, they do now) on 810, 1240 and 1540 Khz.

The bongo-driven beat is infectious and the All Male PAMS vocals are outstanding. For me, these clever jings are evocative of an island paradise. All I need to complete the fantasy is a rum drink in a coconut (with a little umbrella, of course...)

PLAY TM Productions Radio Express Demo, 1981 (07:07)
26 Sep 04
TM Productions Radio Express Label
the no nonsense radio ID package for people who know who they are, and know what they want!

[By Uncle Ricky]

Wow. If you didn't know better and believed the Demo, this package was used by WLS, KFRC, WABC, WQXI, and other hot radio stations of Top 40 legend. But it is a very good demo, great vocals, exceptional tracks - first class jings all the way. And once again, we have no idea who narrates this demo. And in many ways, the tracks are so short and generic that few who heard them will remember them. But this exhibit is in broadband STEREO!

In fact, for 1981, this was probably as far as radio jingles would go. It would be difficult to sound more polished and "traditional" than these beauties.

PLAY Toby Arnold Associates The Music Force Jingles Demo, 1978 (04:23)
19 Sep 04
Toby Arnold & Associates The Music Force Demo Box Label
and imagine your call letters and lyrics coming across with the power of The Music Force

[By Uncle Ricky]

Here's a fairly hi-fi STEREO demo of "The Music Force" Demo, distributed by Toby Arnold And Associates in 1978.

Even though few of our visitors actually heard this package on their local radio station, these were good jingles for the time, featuring top-drawer Dallas musicians and vocalists. And who did the v/o for this demo?

PLAY Jack Alix, Rock and Roll Roots Show 17 Demo, 1978 (49:40)
11 Jul 04
Rock and Roll Roots is the great innovator, with fifteen different themes, every week

[By Uncle Ricky]

Americas Most Unique Radio Concept with Rock and Roll Roots logo
Jack Alix (d. November, 2006) was the host and creator of Rock and Roll Roots, (Copyright 1978, Rock and Roll Roots Associates.) This STEREO unscoped program demo features segments 1-A and 2-B of Program 17 from vinyl distributed in 1979. It's a representative hour of the three delivered to affiliates each week.

At, (a REELRADIO hosted site), Jack Alix wrote: "(I) Developed a nationally syndicated radio show called "Rock and Roll Roots" in Richmond from Q94 with great support from John Valentine and the late Norman Freedlander ("Bob-a-loo") who helped sell the show to over 140 stations worldwide including Australia and Japan. The show aired at Q105/Tampa, WKTI/Milwaukee, and many others. It aired from 1977-1982."
Join The Rooters Rock and Roll Roots

Jack Alix had a long and outstanding broadcast resume, including hosting the Beatles' historic public concert in Washington, D.C., in 1964. Alix enjoyed great success on WPGC, WEAM and WEEL, WDCA-TV, WLEE and WRVQ.

Rock and Roll Roots was built around themed segments. On this demo, you'll hear segments featuring The Great Male Stars, The Royalty Songs, The People Songs, The Car Songs, and Same Title, Different Song. Obviously, this "theme" concept allowed more creative music presentation than the typical weekly countdown or daily oldies format.

PLAY Hardy-Kirk Demo, 1974 (08:26)
08 Feb 04
When four males sing they sound like they mean it

[Description by Jonathan Wolfert, President, JAM Creative Productions and PAMS Productions, Inc.]

During the late 1960s, PAMS made a concerted effort to recruit fresh, young talent into the radio jingle industry. It was the vision of PAMS founder Bill Meeks to be able to serve the younger end of the top-40 market with jingles that had more of a youthful rock sound, while maintaining the classic PAMS sound for the more traditional top-40 and easy listening clients. Jim Kirk (not the captain of the Starship Enterprise) was one of this new generation of singer/writer/musicians. Between the years of 1968 and 1972 he wrote and was heard on many PAMS jingles, including portions of Series 38, 39, 40 and 41.

Hardy-Kirk The Finest in Creative Production Tape Box Sticker
Fred Hardy, who had a radio background but always loved jingles, joined the staff at PAMS in 1970. He handled sales for the Southeast US. In 1974 Fred left PAMS and started his own company to work with stations and ad agencies. He knew he could handle the sales, but was looking for someone to take care of the creative end. By this time, Jim Kirk had gone to Seattle, where he was doing commercial jingle work for Kaye-Smith. But he wanted to come home to Dallas. So the partnership of Hardy-Kirk was born.

The new firm needed to have a demo reel to send out, just to prove to stations that it could do IDs. So Fred contacted people he knew who might buy something from him on faith. One of these clients ran KJIM (AM 870), a 250 watt daytimer in Fort Worth. They didn't really know what kind of jingles they wanted, so Hardy-Kirk decided to make them a jingle all about the different kinds of jingles there were to choose from. The idea was that it would be novel, and of course there would be short mixouts to use as basic cuts. The piece was called "The MOR Overture".

The music for "The MOR Overture" was written by the late Wayne Harrison. I don't know whether Wayne or Jim came up with the lyrics. The result was certainly interesting, but no station (including KJIM) knew what to do with it, and most of it was never used anywhere.

For a variety of reasons the partnership of Hardy and Kirk didn't last more than a couple of years. Jim returned to freelance status, and contributed to several early JAM packages. In 1978, Jim Kirk joined the staff at TM Productions. In 1982 he co-headed a new "communications division" to design and create shows for corporate meetings and presentations. In 1986 Jim and Buddy Scott purchased the division from TM and began operating under the name Corporate Magic. Jim has been there ever since as "chief creative officer".

Fred Hardy came to work at JAM early in 1976 and was part of our sales team until he passed away in January 2002. JAM did buy some of the Hardy-Kirk tracks, including the Overture. In 1978, when we were creating the original "I'd Rather Be In Denver" campaign for KIMN, I decided to use the individual sections of the MOR Overture as part of the package. I wrote completely new lyrics and vocal arrangements, and remixed all the cuts. We had to create :29 versions too, so that they'd be usable under TV spots. The JAM "I'd Rather Be In Denver" series was very successful and was used worldwide.

PLAY TM Productions Evolution of Rock Demo, 1977 (16:59)
26 Oct 03
The first complete chronological up-to-date documentary ever produced

[By Uncle Ricky]
Sure sounds like Charlie Van Dyke voicing this demo for TM Productions's 1977 Evolution Of Rock. Featured program segments were narrated by Chuck Riley. The show won a "Syndicated Special Of The Year" Award and was produced by CHUM, Toronto before being syndicated as a 64-hour program by TM. This demo also boasts endorsements from some genuine radio heavyweights of the time, like John Gehron (WLS) and Ted Atkins (WTAE), plus a generous sample of show clips featuring Ed Sullivan, Dick Clark, and others.

The demo cassette also included a 52 minute "condensed" version of a "chapter" of the show, which we'll feature at some future date in The Production Room at REELRADIO.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY PAMS WEEI-FM Boston Jingles, 1972 (05:36)
05 Oct 03
Sunshine's Smilin' On You

[By Uncle Ricky]
This exhibit was created from a PAMS reference dub that I acquired in the early '70's. It's always been a favorite. I remember listening to WEEI-FM in Boston when I worked in Providence and these jingles were an important part of their groundbreaking "Soft Rock" format. This was stylish radio for quality young adults with good aural hygiene.

The Sunshine's Smilin' On You, You And Your Man And Your Music Keep The Clouds Away jingle features the unmistakable voice of Trella Hart, but this package includes even more classic one-liners set to music: Put A Little Love In Your Music, We've Got Something You Can Stay With, They're Playin' Music For The Two Of Us, When You're Alone, We're Together, and other touchy-feely melodies and lyrics (including MusicRadio) are all built around an unforgettable musical signature.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY PAMS WFIL Philadelphia Story Reference Dub, 1972 (02:50)
19 Jul 03

[By Uncle Ricky]
This is a "reference dub" tape distributed by PAMS (Copyright, 1972) for their Philadelphia Story jingle series. REELRADIO contributor Tom Corbett says that Tom Merriman of TM originally created the theme and that PAMS "borrowed" the idea note for note! Hear the evidence in Tom's Vibra-Sampler One exhibit.

Nevertheless, this series was heard on WFIL for a long time and remains one of the most memorable named PAMS series. And it concludes with "a comment from the engineer" after a portion of our favorite copyright jing.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY PAMS Grids: KYA San Francisco (03:24)
08 Dec 02
Avco Broadcasting for California

[By Uncle Ricky]
This was created from Yet Another Tape I dubbed in Brother Dave's Production Room at WIXE (Monroe, N.C.) in 1968. Like many (unofficial?) demos that PAMS distributed in those days, this was not narrated, nor tightly edited as you will hear it here. It was just a 5-inch reel with representative cuts, presumably off the PAMS reference copy.

I've only heard airchecks of KYA as a result of the Repository, and I suppose it's possible that these jingles were never used on the air, (or at least, not as heard here.) This was a PAMS "GRID" package - a new twist - the performers did "parts", and then you mixed the parts to make bunches of jingles.

They had a ten-track recorder in Dallas, and they could jam-up a bushel of jings from minimal sings with lots of things. You could sit there with the friendly engineer and he'd roll the same piece of tape, over and over, but each time, do something different. I watched Bruce Collier do that for a WECU session in 1970. You could walk out of a single session with many dozens of "different" cuts by interchanging and mixing vocal and instrumental parts.

I really don't care for the "buzzsaw" moog sig here, but otherwise, I have always been fond of this KYA Grid Demo. KYA was blessed with a three syllable call. A 3-note ID. And this particular PAMS "mixed group" with this particular logo has always been a personal favorite.

For KYA, the lyrical content seems SO classic, particularly from 3000 miles and 30+ years away: In Beautiful San Francisco. And the sleek Avco Broadcasting of California always sounded so warm and wonderful and respectable - and so very far away. Now, I've been there and was lucky to afford the parking.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY KAFY Bakersfield Drake Jingles (02:08)
31 Mar 02
Kaaaaay A eff why, Bakersfield

[By Uncle Ricky]
Best I can figure, these are jingles of the Drake-Chenault variety purchased by KAFY in Bakersfield California, probably no later than 1971. Some (but only some) of these are on the site for WOR-FM as the Double A Image Pack, but I don't think the majority of this composite is from that series. I didn't work at KAFY until late 1976 and these jingles were long gone when I arrived. I can't remember how I got these. They are here via Reel2Reel technology, and the tape was made at KAFY, but I don't remember finding these in my office when I checked in for PD duties.

Years before I arrived, KAFY was a Big Boss thing north of 93KHJ. Even with a directional kilowatt on 550Khz, I got a call from San Francisco when KSFO (560) was off the air. At times, KAFY had a listenable signal "over the grapevine" in Los Angeles. Genuinely Famous People who made a Good Living in Broadcasting worked at KAFY in Bakersfield. Again, I wasn't there during the Bakersfield Boss Era, but these are (some of) the famous formula jingles. Of course, some of these were also heard for dozens of stations all over America (even ones that were not owned by RKO.)

An interesting sidebar from Tracy Carman of Media Preservation Foundation: Though this package was produced and sold by Drake-Chenault, and though the Johnny Mann Singers may have recorded the first versions of the vocal tracks for some RKO stations, it was suggested that these were not the Mann Singers. COMMENTS (below) have challenged that. The tracks from this package made the rounds, apparently, and many jingle houses (including PAMS and Otis Connor) sang vocals on these original Drake-Chenault tracks.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 32.0Kbps (16Khz)
PLAY TM Shockwave Demo, 1972 (12:56)
03 Mar 02
And now, the same basic cut with orchestra and another key sound...

[By Uncle Ricky]
KCBQ, KRLA, and WCFL are featured in this TM package called Shockwave, from a demo distributed in 1972.

Most of the copy and concepts in this demo seem born from the KCBQ Last Contest era. It's not clear if the narrator is supposed to be Jack McCoy or Rod Serling.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY PAMS Regalogos Demo, 1973 (06:36)
30 Dec 01
Isn't it great to hear a new, distinctive logo...

[By Uncle Ricky]
Featuring samples for WYOO/Minneapolis-St. Paul and WFIL/Philadelphia, this PAMS Regalogos (Regal Logos) demo was billed as the bright new success you need, and indeed, it was customized for a number of stations, including Mike Joseph-consulted WEAN-FM in Providence, RI in 1973. Great use of sonovox and top-flight production techniques are featured along with a super PAMS vocal group.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY TM Productions Fusion Demo, 1977 (08:18)
23 Sep 01

[By Uncle Ricky]
One thing I always appreciated about a good jingle demo is that it could demonstrate more than jingles — like the excellent production technique heard on this demo. Oooh, this one is nice. It *sparkles* w/broadband. This is a very nice demo tape for a fabulously popular jingle package produced and Copyright 1977 by TM Productions.

The vocal group(s) all sound like they've pitched themselves in their highest range. The very deliberate mid-range ring on the 'verb, and everything about this demo, like the jingle package, was freshly stylized and first-class. (And yes, the demo uses records with percussion on the front, but we are matching tempo *and* "feeling" now!)

There are two narrators: One BIGV/O and one v/o. There may also be another fellow cast as deejay (for KILT, Houston). We will be looking to our comments for answers and, of course, comments.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY WJAR Providence PAMS Jingle Master, Part 1 (14:57)
12 Aug 01
Yesterday Recycled for Today

[By Uncle Ricky]
When PD Dave Hedrick and Tom McMurray returned to WJAR/Providence after spending several days at PAMS in 1973, they had four 7-inch, 15IPS master jingle reels. We really liked jingles and had a huge jingle budget. These are classic PAMS for Oldies-formatted WJAR, using the WABC signature. Here are the first two reels.

First, we hear male group jings, including cuts from Series 27 and 29. Then, at 7:42, the ladies join in for a few custom weather acapellas, followed by cuts from Series 42 (The Igniters), Series 43 (The Textures) and Series 44 (The Music's On Us). The reel ends with cuts from Series 26 (Let's Go America) and Series 33 (Fun Vibrations).

Broadband visitors will note the exceptional fidelity of this exhibit. It's one generation off the master, and I personally made the dub with perfectly tweaked Scully 280 machines on cherry Scotch reel tape . . . 28 years ago.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY WJAR Providence PAMS Jingle Master, Part 2 (14:54)
03 Nov 02
Try It! The New Nine Twenty...

[By Uncle Ricky]
Here is a composite of Reels Three and Four of the four 7-inch, 15IPS master jingle reels that PD Dave Hedrick and Tom McMurray delivered to WJAR/Providence after spending several days at PAMS in 1973. These are classic PAMS for Oldies-formatted WJAR, using the WABC signature.


This composite begins with a blend of instrumental logos from an early PAMS series and some custom chants for the "Try It" campaign that WJAR introduced to Providence in 1973, when the station changed from an old-line news/talk format to a Glitter Oldies format. The billboard text was white on black, and mysterious messages appeared on hundreds (maybe thousands?) of billboards in the metro area: Try It For Breakfast, Try It At Work, Try It In Bed, Try It In Your Car and finally, Try It NOW!, with a big orange logo finally revealing the "It" as 920 WJAR.

Give Me That Old Time Music was a custom jingle that ran on both WJAR and WBT at the time. Jingles for Morning guy Charlie Jefferds, Sales Manager Howie Holland and Sunday Night Hall of Fame host Mike Ivers are all featured in this breathless quarter-hour of classic PAMS jings. It's capped off with a Golden Hours montage, in tribute to the ancient SMC automation that played carts all night. A cost-cutting thing, remember those?

Once again, Broadband Visitors (the People With Bandwidth) will note the exceptional fidelity of this exhibit! It's one generation off the master, and I personally made the dub with perfectly tweaked Scully 280 machines on cherry Scotch reel tape . . . 29 years ago.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20Khz)
PLAY PAMS Power Pack Demo, 1974 (05:28)
17 Jun 01
It's excitin' and diffrunt!

"The idea here is to destroy the previous key sense, and move atonally to the next record." Actually, the idea was to sell some jingles, and this 1974 PAMS demo tries to give shotgun jingles a good kick in the butt. Putting the (very few) jingles themselves aside for now, I remember this demo as way off-target.

I also doubt that the simulated station on this demo (KHJ) actually used these jingles. "The Power Pack is the revolutionary evolution from the Shotgun Kick to the Sparkling New Idea." Ouch! Hey, it was never easy to sell jingles. The final disappointment is the copyright notice on the end; instead of re-recording "Copyright, 1974", they re-recorded just "1974". And gee, it sounds as good as the original. Doesn't it?

PLAY PAMS Series 31 "Music Explosion" Demo, 1966 (5:38)
12 Sep 99
Listen, and hear your station give birth to a new middle name!

One of my favorites from the Bill Meeks PAMS era, this HOT demo (complete with genuine and original pauses between cuts) includes acapellas for KLIF and sizzling fully-orchestrated classics for KONO.

You can now own this and ALL of the great numbered PAMS demos, on CD, in outstanding quality. The Magic of PAMS is now available.

PLAY 1960's Movie Spot : Love in the Playpen (:51)
22 Feb 1998
[by Uncle Ricky]

Picture of 30 year old 3 inch tape box I found this tape over Christmas, 1997, while looking through some boxes in my parents' garage. One of the boxes was full of unlabeled reel tapes - I had hoped these might be forgotten airchecks from my adolescence, but no such luck. However, one notable tape and a 3 inch box DID survive.

It's "LOVE IN THE PLAYPEN", a perfectly awful radio spot for an even worse (I gather) "B" grade "adult" film of the time. I probably scored it from WEGO in Concord, N.C., sometime between 1965 and 1968, and played it on the air on a rack-mounted Ampex 600. (We had carts, but we still played some spots from tape on 3 inch reels.) And I bet the movie was showing at the Willis Drive-In Theatre.

I remember keeping this for the wonderful "grittiness" and obvious lack of production budget. It's now personally nostalgic. It may even be bad enough to be nearly good. It makes me laugh, anyway. As a teen, I worked only in small southern markets, so I tagged a lot of these kinds of spots, almost always "live".


PLAY The Voices of PAMS, 1968 (7:25)
21 Nov 1998
This demo has been in my head for 30 years - now it's on a web page! While others raved over the Johnny Mann Singers, these were the acapellas that young Uncle Ricky craved - some of the most perfect vocal arrangements you will ever hear.

My copy of this demo is as old as the memories, and it contains a few unfortunate dropouts. Still, it's a great introduction to the different groups used for the majority of classic PAMS jingles.

PLAY TM "Beat Goes On" DEMO, 1968 (7:14)
15 Nov 1997
Here's "the most dramatically formatted ID series ever conceived" from Tom Merriman and TM Productions, Dallas, Texas, circa 1968. At first, I thought it was maybe 1969, but the majority of opinion says 1968. Seems early for such a great package!

This presentation for WCFL is a good example of TM at its best. The Beat Goes On was featured on many stations, some of which are named at the end of the demo.

PLAY The Drake Jingle Series Demo, 1970 (6:11)
12 Jul 97

Drake Jingle Series DemoFor those young broadcasters (like Uncle Ricky) who weren't privileged to hear an actual "Boss" station in 1970, this was likely their first introduction to Boss Radio, The Johnny Mann Singers and, of course, the 21 Top-Flight Hollywood Musicians who made radio history with what is one of the most sought-after radio ID packages ever created.

The original demo, distributed by American Independent Radio included a 25hz tone throughout. This primitive form of copyright protection made it impossible to play the tape on automation-ready reel decks, and it slightly degraded the audio quality as well. Nevertheless, it probably didn't deter some smaller market stations from ripping off the instrumental tracks.

Here, the demo has been edited to remove lots of "dead air" between the jingles and the simulated airchecks, which include Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele, Humble Harv, J. Paul Huddleston and those memorable "And now, Ladies and Gentlemen" introductions by none other than Bill Drake himself.

PLAY Solid Gold Rock & Roll, Demo (KHJ-FM 1971) (18:00)
22 Oct 00
. . . From Stereo One Oh One, K-H-J - FM, the sound of Solid Gold . . .

Paper included in tape box Consultant Bill Drake had been experimenting with automated formats on RKO's fledgling FM radio stations for a couple of years by the time Drake-Chenault and American Independent Radio released this tape. The Solid Gold Rock & Roll demo is introduced by Mark Elliot and includes Drake (as the "imaging" voice), newsman Ken Marvin, The Real Don Steele and Humble Harve. We thought Robert W. Morgan was featured with a cameo weather report, but not so. Our visitors helped identify all the voices. (see COMMENT).

A small piece of paper included in the tape box reads:

The enclosed demo of Solid Gold Rock & Roll is an actual air-check taken at KHJ-FM, Los Angeles, October 27, 1970. Music and commercials have been edited for your listening convenience.

We have since determined that the tape and paper don't agree; This is KHJ-FM, but some of the songs used didn't chart until the Spring of 1971.

PLAY "Changes", PAMS Series 40B DEMO 1970 (10:48)
15 Feb 1997

Hey, if your station's really worth savin' - PAMS changes the time and temperature syndrome with a fresh, modern mover that sounds like a sunburst! It's the perfect pick-up for ending a stopset! You can bridge two records with perfect pacing - Slow to Fast! Fast to Slow! A subtle slide catches your ear and sets you up for an up-tempo cooker! Clashing Contrasts are eliminated, and your call-letters are played electronically, under the vocal, for extra-easy remembering!

Featuring cuts for WABC, KYA and WFAA, this is a masterfully produced demo that helped PAMS sell many "jings" in the early seventies.

In listening to this today, I wonder: Were radio stations programming PAMS, or was PAMS programming radio stations?

PLAY Geoff Fox's Favorite OLD PAMS/WBT Jingle! (:19)
18 Dec 1996

In December of 1996, Geoff Fox wrote:

The neatest jingle I ever played was from the very early seventies when I did 8-midnight on WBT. The jingle went, "From Canada to Florida, Carolina and the USA - 11-10 Double-U-Bee-Tee!" I believe the original lyrics were for AM drive on WABC... BTW, we really covered Canada to Florida back then!

Geoff went visual 16 years ago. He's now the popular weather reporter for the ABC-TV affiliate in CT, hosts Inside Space for the Sci-Fi Channel, fills in on Good Morning America and has received 5 Emmy awards from the Boston/New England chapter of NATAS. He's another honored visitor to the Repository.

PLAY Geoff Fox's Favorite NEW JAM Jingle! (:19)
26 Apr 1997

In April of 1997, Geoff Fox writes:

As you know, I was thrilled you found my favorite jingle and placed it on your site. In fact, I was so thrilled about it that when I saw Jon Wolfert a few weeks ago ... I told him too.

Little did I know that I had planted a seed .. The result is the attached. It came on a CD marked "Your New Favorite Jingle". He's right!

WOW! What a great NEW favorite jingle! (Jon Wolfert is President and founder of Jam Creative Productions). Jon says the original PAMS jingles are now available with Dallas vocals from JAM, and this cut is outstanding!

The Geoff Fox Favorite Jingle Adventure is not one we'll soon forget. Jon and JAM have made it magic.

12 Oct 1996

PAMS started adding this jingle to their jingle demos in the early 70's, as I remember. This one is from the tail of "SIG ALERT", a series originally developed for WKNR, Detroit.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
PLAY PAMS Pied Piper Demo (KYA, San Francisco) 1971 (9:49)
08 Oct 2000
. . . Solve the Pied Piper puzzle and win a pretty penny . . .

I always liked this demo. I suppose it's terribly dated now. Contemporary music seldom has a melody anymore and singing Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny is probably illegal.

But the idea could be adapted, maybe. Instead of finding an odd-looking fellow tangled in the ivy, it would be a "Hip-Hop Artist" who passed out on public property, but it wasn't his fault! "Decipher the Rapper's Mumbled Money Message and Receive Righteous Reparation!" Or something.

This demo supposedly features Dick Starr (PD) and Chris Edwards of KYA, San Francisco. First-class production, as usual — respectable PAMS magic. We even get another sing of the Copyright Jingle at the end. (Remember: All PAMS stuff is the copyrighted property of PAMS of Dallas.)

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
PLAY PAMS Revolution 72 Demo (KJR Seattle) 1971 (19:12)
12 Mar 2000
. . . The Revolutionary Pedal-Point Pad . . .

Hi-fidelity, long-play airchecks of KJR (Seattle) are elusive treasures for this Repository, so this PAMS demo, titled Revolution '72, is as close to verbose hi-fi KJR as we can get. Always loved the KJR Seattle Channel 95 logo, and it is performed at the top of the profession here.

A few years ago, Uncle Ricky believed that the practice of placing "imagers" in front of commercial sets was mostly recent gangster-inspired madness. This demo reminded me that such wacky, unconventional and flawed formatics were not only promoted, but merchandised, nearly 30 years ago.

Of course, it's business as usual now - but when one company owns all the stations, and if all the stations make the same mistakes, who'll know the difference? (Talk about a revolution!)

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
PLAY PAMS "Shaft", 1972 (KFJZ) (04:14)
. . . give your competition The Shaft . . .

Rock guitarist John Nitzinger (Bloodrock) is featured in this short demo of jingles recorded for KFJZ (Fort Worth) in 1972.

16 Oct 1996

This is a composite of several short goodies I found in the last shipment from Dick Stoddard. It consists of three elements:

  • Bill Drake from a Hit Parade '68 demo
  • A major ooops! from the Johnny Mann Singers for WPOP, Hartford. Parental Discretion advised!
  • A National Association of Broadcasters jingle from the mid-60's: Who Listens to Radio?
It's a fun piece, varying audio quality, and they were all close together on one of Dick's tapes, so - what the heck?
Original RA 3.0 Beta 26 Oct 1996
REMASTERED G2 Top Stream 44.1Kbps (20 Khz) 31 Aug 2001
PLAY WAYS Charlotte N.C. PAMS Jingle Composite (11:14)
DEBUT 26 Oct 1996 UPGRADED 31 Aug 2001

This is one of my favorite tapes in the whole world. I made this when I was working at 920 WJAR in Providence, about 1973. Dave Hedrick and Tom McMurray had returned from a 'JAR jingle session at PAMS with reference tapes from the many WAYS sessions recorded for Charlotte, N.C. BIG WAYS, during the sixties.

I remember staying late one night, and fortified with stale sugar-coated snacks from the Outlet Company "Cafeteria", I used the Scully 4-track to run off a mixed composite of some of my favorite WAYS jingles - the ones I had listened to as a teenager in Concord, North Carolina.

I don't know what happened to all those wonderful reference dubs, but this "composite" of the PAMS WAYS jingles demonstrates the power of a memorable logo combined with the genius of a decade of PAMS imagineering. It also survives as a tribute to a great and grand 5KW AM radio station that claimed to dominate "35 North and South Carolina Counties" in the late 60's. Something (not all) from many PAMS series, 15 through 29, is represented here. (See COMMENTS).

PLAY The Original Drake Jingles? (2:35)
03 Nov 1996

Bobby Ocean narrates this jingle demo for Tuesday Productions of San Diego, circa 1983. I guess that Tuesday had acquired the rights to the original KHJ instrumental tracks, which apparently belonged to American Independent Radio in the late 60's. These Original Drake Jingles don't include the original Johnny Mann Singers.

This material was ©1980-something by Tuesday Productions of San Diego. The comment button below includes an update on Tuesday. All I knew about them when this first went online is that whenever they sent me a letter, it always had the San Diego temperature and sky conditions below the date (76 and Sunny). It was a class act and they made some pretty good jings.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16 Khz)
PLAY Gwinsound "Accelators" Demo (WTRY, Albany) (5:26)
22 Jan 2000
Picture of Old GWINSOUND tape box

I am not sure when I first got this, but I do recognize one quick jingle on this demo that I purchased for WFEC in Harrisburg. That would have been 1975. The package might have been around for several years before that. I have a few of these authentic GWINSOUND demos from that era, all on 4-inch, small-hub reels in a green and blue-gray box. You will notice I wrote my name on the box of this particular demo.

We haven't featured much about GWINSOUND on this site. Let me tell you what I remember, and our honored guests can correct my faulty memory, fill in the blanks and expand on the history. Tommy Gwin was somehow involved with PAMS for a few years, but he went off on his own. Based in Dallas, he had access to many vocalists and musicians in the area. His jingles were good and, best of all, they were affordable. I did business with Gwinsound at WYCL and WFEC, and even though I only bought a few jingles each time, I was always pleased with the results.

This demo, for WTRY in Albany, is a nice reminder of the quality available from Gwinsound in those days. Tommy Gwin passed away on June 30, 2006. He was 78.

G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16 Khz)
PLAY Peters Productions B-100 Rock Connection (Demo) (9:51)
19 Nov 2000
Picture of Peters Production logo

Here's a goodie from my deep and dangerous stash of stuff I know nothing about. Thankfully, visitors to this site know more about most things than I do. Not to mention that Repository contributor Bobby Rich is featured on this demo, so maybe he'll 'splain it.

Great fidelity on this one, but in all fairness, it is mono, and most of the far-out synthesizer effects on this one need stereo (Ah, broadband, where are you?) Previous stereo material on the site has met with very litle interest (most of our visitors simply don't have the bandwidth) - so you will just have to imagine the SFX are bouncing around.

Year? Gosh, I dunno. It came on stereo reel at 7.5 IPS, and prolific Peters Productions in San Diego sent me more than one demo, whenever it was. Lots more stuff to learn about this one - Narrator? The story behind Peters Productions? Was this package used on the air at B-100? This is why we have a COMMENT button for this and every exhibit.

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