Keith Smith, KMEL Keith Smith, nearly frozen, on the roof of KMEL during the Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary Celebration (1987).

Keith and KMEL Pals John London, Brian Cooley (Newsman), Official KMEL barmaid, and Keith Smith - the KMEL Morning Zoo at their favorite bar.

KRTH Cigar Dinner Buds
Shotgun Tom Kelly and Keith Smith at a Shotgun Tom Cigar Dinner.

Robert W Morgan, Keith and Colette Smith
Robert W. Morgan, Keith and wife Collette at Morgan's Retirement Tribute

The Keith Smith Collection

Keith Smith, Production Director at KRTH-FM, Los Angeles, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area listening to Dr. Don Rose, Big Tom Parker, Rick Shaw and Bobby Ocean, among others, on the "Big 610" (KFRC). When he decided to pursue a career in radio, that era and those great broadcasters became his standard of measurement.

His first REAL job in radio was at K-101 in San Francisco, where he worked with Chuck Browning. Keith says, "I didn't know at the time that he was a radio legend, but after many nights hanging out at a local watering hole, I realized that he had been at some great radio stations and that he had done some great radio."

Later, he worked with Mike Phillips (currently Program Director at KRTH), and Big Tom Parker and was able to meet some of the guys he had listened to as a kid, like Dave Sholin and others.

In 1986, he joined KMEL in San Francisco, where he worked with Steve Rivers, John London, Keith Naftaly, Howard Hoffman and others who he says "left indelible imprints" on his broadcasting career.

In 1991, Keith moved to Los Angeles, and in 1992, he had the chance to work with Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele. Keith says, "As I began to work with them I realized that these guys were pros, and all they wanted to do was be great on the air - and they were. I remember walking in the studio day after day in the afternoon, and Don saying 'Hey Keith, I love ya baby!!'. I also remember having to go into Robert W. Morgan's office to tell him not to throw and break commercial carts when he got mad. He could have chewed my head off, but he just said, "O.K." I respected them, and they respected me. It wasn't until later that I realized how great these guys really were. Working with them has changed my professional life."

The Repository thanks Keith for sharing!

[Some Descriptions by Keith Smith]

G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (14Khz)
Chuck Browning, KFRC, KHJ, March 1970 (11:04)

. . . musically answering the question, where'd you bury her? . . .

Here is a 'check' of the last part of Chuck Browning's last show on KFRC, and the first part of his first show on KHJ.

(One set from Humble Harve precedes Browning on KHJ, recorded on Friday, March 13, 1970.)

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G2 5.0 compatible!
KHJ Los Angeles Composite, 1972 (26:42)

. . . Donny Osmond did take all his clothes off once, but nobody noticed . . .

. . . Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out! . . .

This tape was found in the personal aircheck archive of The Real Don Steele.

Good stuff from KHJ, circa 1972.


  • Robert W. Morgan (the top)
  • Charlie Van Dyke (6:54)
  • Mark Elliot (10:50)
  • The Real Don Steele (14:20)
  • Jerry Butler (17:52)
  • Walt Baby Love (20:38)
  • Johnny Williams (23:52)

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
The KFRC Hummel Tape, 1973 (26:48)

. . . it's getting that you're getting it that gets me off . . .

Our guests will have to supply the story behind The Hummel Tape, which includes bits and pieces of KFRC San Francisco, circa 1973. Included: Mike Novak, Jack Friday, Tom Kennedy, Jim Carson, Bobby Ocean, Eric Chase, Beau Weaver and Kevin McCarthy.
(Some Bobby Ocean performances have been featured in previous Repository exhibits.)

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
Dr. Don Rose, KFRC San Francisco, November 1973 (10:43)

. . . My wife wanted something to drive, so I got her a hammer . . .

Dr. Don Rose is heard in this studio-quality aircheck from early in his long run at KFRC.

Jack Hines has news duties, and Dr. Don meets someone who did say "hello"...

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Big Tom Parker, KFRC San Francisco, 1978 (3:42)

. . . lends new meaning to the old term "early riser" . . .

Here's a little bit of Big Tom Parker (doing holiday fill-in for Dr. Don Rose) on KFRC.

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Chuck Browning, WHBQ Memphis, 1981 (4:42)

. . . You're the first midget I ever worked with . . .

Chuck Browning (d. 1988; WFIL, CKLW, WMCA, KFRC, KHJ, KCBQ, KGB, KFI, ) came to me one day and asked me to edit down one of his airchecks.

When I threw it on the reel to reel machine and started listening to it, I knew I had to have a copy of it.

It is "The Chucker" and his last show at WHBQ, Memphis. His next stop was K-101, San Francisco.

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John London, Ron Engleman, KMEL, 1985 (6:24)

. . . That's a unique way of sayin', "Hi, I'm here, where's the action" . . .

Here's a short but sweet taste of John London and Ron Engleman early in their tenure at the KMEL (San Francisco) Morning Zoo.

This aircheck ends with one of their all time classic bits — The Cleavers.

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Dr. Don Rose, 2500th Show KFRC San Francisco 6-8-84 (1:13:36)

. . . Doctor of Humor, specializing in comedy bypass . . .

I had grown up listening to Dr. Don Rose on the BIG 610. He was the first disc jockey that I can actually remember listening to.

On June 8, 1984 (the day of his 2500th show), I was walking to work through the financial district of San Francisco and I recall the mega deja-vu that I experienced as he talked about all his old "schtick." I also remember being in awe of all the work that he put into this show.

This is Doctor Don at his best!

Dr. Don Rose (Donald Rosenberg) passed away of complications from pneumonia on March 29, 2005.

Included: Larry Lujack with best wishes from WLS in Chicago.

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM IS 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
Dan Ingram, KRTH Los Angeles, June 1998 (08:43)

. . . Why do I smell Tuna Fish? . . .

Big Dan Ingram as we heard him June 15 - 19, 1998. This is a compilation.

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Charlie Van Dyke, KRTH Los Angeles, 8-31-98 (17:14)

. . . From the Entertainment Capital of the World . . .

Many Van Dykes with Charlie Van Dyke, KRTH 8-31-98
Many "Van Dykes" pose with Charlie Van Dyke on the first day of his new morning gig, 8/31/98. 1-Bob Kanner, Chief Engineer, 2-Chrissy Hamilton, Office Manager, 3-Joni Caryl, News Director, 4-Charlie Van Dyke, 5-Pat Duffy, General Manager, 6-Ricky Baba, Sales Assistant, 7-Ajoren Vris, Sales, 8-Mike Phillips, Program Dir., 9-Keith Smith, Production Dir., 10-Mitch Lewis, Morning Show Producer, 11-Jerrold Smith, New Business Dir., 12-Don Stein, Sales, 13-Roman Gwin, Sales, 14-Lynn Duke, Engineering, 15-Brandon Castillo, Morning Show Producer, 16-Xavier Pena, Sales, 17-David Gleiberman, Promotions, 18-Howard Freshman, Dir. of Marketing, 19-Walter Richards, Sales.

Here is a composite of Charlie Van Dyke, on KRTH, August 31, 1998, his first day as our long-awaited regular morning show host. We are all very excited to have Charlie at KEARTH.

The Friday before Charlie went on, we had a planning meeting for Monday's show. Charlie was well-prepared, and all of his ideas were right in-line with the KEARTH audience and the rest of the KEARTH programming.

I came out of that meeting amazed at the vision and enthusiam of our new morning man.

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The Keith Smith KMEL Demo, 1986-1989

. . . he used to be an altarboy, and I mean used to be . . .

G2 5.0 compatible MONO TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
Keith Smith KMEL Demo (7:15)

G2 5.0 compatible STEREO TOP STREAM 64.7Kbps (16Khz)
Keith Smith KMEL Demo (7:15)

The Keith Smith Demo, 1999

. . . The Godfather of Oldies Radio . . .

G2 5.0 compatible MONO TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
Keith Smith Demo, 9-99 (11:21)

G2 5.0 compatible STEREO TOP STREAM 64.7Kbps (16Khz)
Keith Smith Demo, 9-99 (11:21)

Description by Uncle Ricky

KRTH Los Angeles Production Manager Keith Smith contributed these first-class composites of the stuff he does every day in September of 1999. We're adding this to his collection in August of 2000.

These powerful 18 minutes of fabulous audio production came to us on DAT, and it needed only some peak limiting for final encoding. It's pumped with tweets and woofs! If you have one of those 11Kbs AOL or 16Kbps Web-TV connections, or basically, any dial-up connection under an actual 50Kbps (most "56K" connections offer far less than 56Kbs) it's *still* great listening — but it won't be hi-fi. The Mono versions are strongly recommended for dial-up users. If you can hear the mono version at top speed (32.1Kbps), sure, try the stereo. (And we hope you won't be disappointed.)

The stereo versions are recommended if you have a genuine "broadband" connection (ISDN, DSL, Cable or LAN, over 100Kbs). The stereo version of these demos is stunning and you *will* wake the kids! (Phoning the neighbors is optional.)

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