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PLAYKILT Houston Blooper And Party Tape, 1963 (45:09)

. . . at this rate, we'll be here at 6 o'clock . . .

[Description by contributor Jay Marks]

I know of a number of stations where production outtakes were preserved for posterity. This one from KILT is probably my favorite. I'm sure that anybody who has been in the situation can relate to it. It could be frustrating at times, but at the end of the day was a lot of fun.

play This Exhibit 'SCOPED (14:56)

SCOPEDIf all you want is the bloopers, this version's for you! Please remember that in addition to music licensing fees for the version with the music, there are bandwidth and hardware costs for this 'SCOPED version, and anything streamed from REELRADIO. We welcome your support.
I'm not exactly sure whose idea it was to put it together in the first place, although I believe it was used at a station party... very possibly New Year's Eve 1963, based on the music and commercials. I acquired a copy of it in 1973.

I think one of the voices on the tape is Rob McCloud, who worked at KILT around 1962-64. I recognize another voice on the tape to be Bob Presley. I think that's Bob on the "get bread at Henke's" spot.

I'm pretty sure it was already scoped when I got it. After being inspired by some of the recent restorations on REELRADIO, I though that this one would be fun to restore to its original form, the way it would have sounded at a party. Basically I did it with Cool Edit Pro, using a combination of hard cuts and crossfades. My copy was from a cassette, probably several generations down from the original master and thus rather bright and gritty, so some work with EQ was required. Also, speed variations between the tape and CD versions of the records were sometimes an issue which I more or less solved by trial and error using Cool Edit Pro's speed adjustment features.


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