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PLAYBob Presley, KILT Houston, TX June 13, 1965 (01:01:44)

. . . we cool off at poolside from the KILT pool and patio . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Here's a great hour of Houston radio from 1965 — Bob Presley on McLendon's KILT (and KOST-FM). This was a weekend shift for Bob. His regular weekday shift at the time was Noon to 3. Contributor Jay Marks recorded this between 8 and 9PM on Sunday, June 13. Presley's energetic performance is mostly flawless.

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Jack Rader delivers KILT news, which features fairly subtle beeps, bells and bugs. The dramatic opening is about as "over the top" as anything you'll hear in this hour. There are a couple of classic PAMS jingles, but NO reverb! The Best Kept Secret in Houston Radio, "British Disc Jockey" James Bond, is promoted as starting the next morning. (How long did that gimmick last?) It's also interesting to hear the spots for Bolex movie cameras, a very hot gadget for upscale consumers in 1965.

KILT was selling tickets to the August 19th Beatles concert, beginning the next day at 10AM. Musically, there's no surprise hearing The Yardbirds and The Rolling Stones, but there's much to enjoy with B.J. Thomas and the Triumphs, Reparata (what incredible production!) and Steve Alaimo, among other surprises.


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