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PLAYRon Britain, Clark Weber, Ron Riley, WJMK-FM Chicago 1985 (1:20:25)

. . . and in Ron's case, he did for radio what General Custer did for recruiting . . .
- Clark Weber

. . . how did it really start? Well, it started because I didn't like him. . .

- Ron Riley
Repository contributor Tim Benko passed away in 1998. Tim was a generous and frequent contributor to REELRADIO. This exhibit was received in March, 1997.

Ron Britain is host and welcomes Clark Weber and Ron Riley (Ron has his own Collection in the Repository). This program was heard from 2 to 4 pm on April 11, 1985, as part of the WJMK Rock 'n' Roll Reunion.

Weber and Riley discuss the famous Weber-Riley feud and this fascinating 80 minutes has one story after another, beginning with the WLS Anita Kerr Jingles (in The John Rook Collection), and concluding with the Vietnam War LP (in the Ron Riley Collection.) In between, the guys remember record turners and The British Invasion, Dick Orkin and Chickenman, Captain Stubby & Charles Homer Bill, M-80's in the announce booth, their experiences with The Beatles, The Doors, Simon and Garfunkel, The Monkees and others, and their memories of numerous events.

Also included is a promo for "Weber's Commandos", produced in Los Angeles and nearly identical to a promo running for Emperor Bob Hudson on KRLA in 1966. (It is identified as being recorded by Hudson & Landry.)

This is only a portion of the WJMK Rock 'n' Roll Reunion contributed by Tim Benko. Future exhibits will feature Sam Holman, Mort Crowley, Art Roberts and Gene Taylor.


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