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PLAYDon Keyes, KLIF Dallas, February 6, 1956 (RESTORED) (32:43)

. . . you know, in this particular phase of entertainment, playing records here, on a josh dishkey show . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky, from credited sources. Contributed by Jay Marks for Steve Eberhart]

picture of Don Keyes in the KLIF control room, 1956
Don Keyes
at KLIF, 1956
History of KLIF
Don Keyes died in Dallas on Monday, January 23, 2006 from medical complications. A public memorial service was held January 28 at the St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Garland, Texas.

As national program director, Don Keyes oversaw the programming operations for all of the McLendon Stations from 1957-1966. These legendary radio stations included KLIF, Dallas-Fort Worth; KILT, Houston; KTSA, San Antonio; KEEL, Shreveport; WYSL, Buffalo; KABL, San Francisco; WYNR (later WNUS) Chicago; XTRA News, Los Angeles, WAKY Louisville and KADS (later KOST) Los Angeles.

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This aircheck of The Don Keyes Caper features Keyes in the 3PM hour in Dallas on February 6, 1956 - when "all we housewives (ahem) are taking our coffee break in the middle of the day.."

It conjures up a lost world of a happier, simpler America. But Keyes references more "rock and roll" selections coming up later in the day — after the children return from school, of course.

This exhibit was contributed by Jay Marks for The Steve Eberhart Collection. Steve originally gave it to Jay, and Jay restored it. So now, it's here, thanks to both Steve and Jay.

picture of Don Keyes
Don Keyes
in recent years
You'll also hear Ed Sullivan pitching Guys And Dolls (the toast of the world!) Really, kids, this was just on the cusp of Rock'n'Roll, and it's just so ... pleasant! All the records have melodies, and those with lyrics are alternately clever, predictable or stupid. Ah, American Popular Music, post WWII. The last of that era is here in this exhibit, not to mention a custom promo voiced by a local Boy Scout.

We must wonder if this was originally saved on acetate — after all, it *was* 1956. FIFTY years ago one week after this exhibit appeared on REELRADIO. One final thought: Gotta love The Four Freshmen, especially with 5 trombones!

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