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The Elvis Presley Story Demo, 1977 (15:45)

The Elvis Presley Story
Produced and Directed by Ron Jacobs
Written by Jerry Hopkins
Narrated by Wink Martindale
Executive Producer Tom Rounds
The Elvis Presley Story, Produced and Directed by Ron Jacobs, was first distributed by Watermark in 1971 as a 12-hour program. Delivered on high-quality "stereo broadcast transcriptions", broadcast rights were offered to one radio station in each market area.

Following Presley's death in 1977, the original was updated and an additional hour was added. It was offered again as a 13-hour special.

The Elvis Presley Story was written by Elvis biographer Jerry Hopkins and narrated by long-time Los Angeles media personality Wink Martindale.

This Presentation Tape was created for the 1977 version of the "first and last word on the most legendary figure in the history of rock and roll."


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