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PLAY Scott Muni, WNEW-FM New York 18th Birthday, 1985 (18:35)

. . . it sounds like New York, and it is . . .

Description by Uncle Ricky

Scott Muni, part of the WABC staff when The Beatles first came to New York City, left the Top 40 format and joined WNEW-FM in December of 1967. Muni was at WNEW-FM until November, 1998. (Muni suffered a major stroke in 2003, and passed away on September 28, 2004.)

This star-studded aircheck compilation from October and November 1985 features Muni and other WNEW-FM personalities at the Hard Rock Cafe with Joe Piscopo, Mayor Ed Koch, David Bowie, Billy Joel, and Frank Zappa. There's lots of great production, too, including several minutes of the soundtrack choreographed to the giant fireworks display on the evening of November 1, 1985.

This treasure was on side 2 of the final(?) volume from Cashbox magazine and MCA Records titled Ultimate Radio Bootleg Vol. VI. The expert effort on this one is attributed to WNEW-FM production manager Tom Couch.

Charlie Kendall, John Webb and Jimi Fox (Producer) were listed as responsible for compilation, editing and engineering of the LP. Fox (ex-Ten-Q jock and KCBQ PD) was VP of National Promotions for Mercury Records and radio editor for Cashbox.

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