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PLAYDan Ingram, WABC New York, August 7, 1963 (49:10)

Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (25:06)

. . .
They'll inspect the brake linings and the drums and the hoses and the grease seals and the orchestra
. . .

Dan Ingram sounds great in this hi-fi capture of the 4-5PM hour on WABC, New York, from August 7, 1963.

The original recording was very good, but 'scoped, so the music has been restored. We suspect whoever originally recorded this one was running out of tape toward the end, as that's the only place where some spots were 'scoped. Also, there was no reverb, so this was either a studio capture OR recorded from a WABC-FM simulcast.

Gotta love the jingles, bombastic production elements and Big Dan, who says it best: This is the Big Sound! Survey-Proved Number One! The Grand Slammer in Sound Radio - 77, WABC!


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