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PLAYDan Ingram, WABC New York, June 12 1964 (54:58)

Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (23:48)

. . . Holy Smokes, there's TWO of 'em! . . .

Description by Uncle Ricky

This nearly hi-fi recording of WABC and Dan Ingram (the hairy one with the big feet) was stripped of the news, and maybe a few spots, but the music has been restored for a delightful flashback of the nation's biggest Top 40 station from June, 1964.

The quality is such that we believe this to have originally been a studio or WABC-FM recording, but some reverb is there, too — just not a lot.

You will hear lots of original PAMS jingles. Some feature the New York vocal group, but a few sound like the Dallas vocal group. And nearly all of them feature Big Dan as a vocalist, too! Always a prankster, Dan's best gag here is accompanying himself on a station promo — in perfect sync. Paul Anka sings for FreedomLand and this classic Top 40 aircheck is a great introduction to the Summer of 2013.


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