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[Description by Uncle Ricky for contributor Larry Ware]

. . . Guess what? We're starting our third year at WLS radio tonight! . . .

The third anniversary of Dick Biondi on WLS got a lot of attention when REELRADIO streamed it first, way back in 1996. And now, in 2012, here is Dick's second anniversary show from May 2, 1962.

The technical quality isn't all that bad, considering the vintage. There were speed issues, not totally resolved, but how can you tell? What is truly remarkable here is the music list, even though we're unsure of what some of these records should sound like, since we've never heard them before! "Rare" would be a kind description — these songs are some of the biggest "stiffs" of all time — this is strange stuff!

Most of the spots are live, but there are some classic spots for certain, and a blend of early PAMS and Anita Kerr jingles. This is an amazing time capsule of Spring, 1962 from WLS, early into a long and enduring legend as a popular music radio station. Biondi's radio show was heard all over America. He defined Top 40 for an entire generation of midwestern American teenagers.

 Dick Biondi, WLS Chicago, May 2, 1962

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