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PLAYBill Jones (Jones Boy) WIBG Philadelphia, November 15, 1961 (57:07)



. . . If you wanna sing, now's the time! Go! . . .

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[Description by Larry Ware]

Bill Jones, "The Jones Boy", was The Wibbage Man of The Morning from 1960 to 1962. On his Top Of The Morning show, he said he was "the driver's best friend from now 'til ten".

During this slightly incomplete hour recorded between 8AM and 9AM on Number-One rated WIBG, Jones runs his Jones Jumping Jackpot contest twice, and nets two winners.

The upcoming Monday was was Connie Francis Day. A 1961 Ford Fairlane town sedan sold for $2,122. And, former Vice-President Richard Nixon is reported as saying the U.S. will not go to war with Russia.

 Bill Jones (Jones Boy), WIBG Philadelphia, November 15, 1961

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