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PLAYAce Martin & Dave Wiley KYTE Portland OR June 6 1979 (30:11)
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. . . Nobody does it better for less money . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky; Contributed by Jeff March]

Ace Martin & Dave Wiley are the team of the morning in June, 1979, and they're funny! And KYTE sounds like a seasoned station, though there is some horrible cross-talk with their traffic helicopter. Still, Greg Horsholt provides an expansive news report.

The Bee Gees are appearing in concert, there's a problem with possums, and Ace & Dave have a Sensible Possum Lover's Alert To (SPLAT) avoid another animal tragedy. It's Possum Pride Week, but there's a strange "loss of carrier" (for a few seconds) in this recording. Perhaps the possums chewed through the transmission line in a Possum Protest.

Ace Martin & Dave Wiley KYTE Portland OR June 6 1979


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