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PLAYLarry Monroe, KLIF Dallas, TX February 6, 1956 (RESTORED) (55:41)

. . . Three persons have died in Pampa from drinking a mixture of rum-spiced hair tonic and anti-freeze . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for contributor Jay Marks]

With musical selections masterfully restored by contributor Jay Marks, this early 1956 recording of The Soft Touch and disc jockey Larry Monroe demonstrates the high level of professionalism at Gordon McLendon's KLIF, a few years before rock 'n' roll records started dominating the KLIF "Top 40."

And yet, what a wealth of 1950's era American popular culture, complete with white bucks and Pat Boone. It's also brimming with big-band favorites and classy female vocalists, an "oldie" from Nat King Cole plus a spot for Marlon Brando and Jean Simmons in Guys And Dolls. Two selections by The Hi-Los remind us of the origins of styles and arrangements adapted for radio jingles by Futursonic and PAMS.

KLIF was first in Hooper, first in Pulse, first in the hearts of our citymen. "No Network Problems - No Network!," says Mr. Monroe, who sounds like a geuninely presentable fellow, someone who would be welcome at Sunday dinner with Grandma, despite the "modern" music he played on that "boogie-woogie" station.

So, crank it up, lean back, and slow way down to a much different time and place.


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