GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Bob Seamons for this Golden Gift from Labor Day Weekend of 1975. This exhibit is a partially restored, edited composite of Bob's partially edited but mostly unscoped recording.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (8.5KHz)
PLAY KOL Seattle Last Day Composite, 1975 (44:53)

. . . I've got country roots . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Contributed by Bob Seamons]

This exhibit is UNSCOPED, meaning that all the music is included. We are required to pay a fee for each listener for all musical performances on this recording. Plus, we must also pay the cost of Internet bandwidth to deliver it to you. We are a user-supported organization, and if you enjoy this exhibit, please say thanks with your support.
Long-time Top 40 contender KOL/Seattle changed call letters and format over Labor Day Weekend, 1975. Mike OConner, Roger Dale, and Lee Chase are heard in this composite of the final hours from August 31, 1975. (Labor Day in 1975 was Monday, September 1.) Burl Barer, Bobby Simon and Lan Roberts are featured on the phone or in recorded flashbacks.

There's a brief montage of KOL jock acapellas (at 33:43) and two spots from competitors (genuine competitors, not the guys across the hall) KING and KJR, who welcome the new Hercules Broadcasting station to the market, and invite ex-KOL listeners to jump ship. Scotty Brink is featured for KJR.

Technical notes: REELRADIO fully restored two songs and partially restored another two songs that were edited from the original recording. However, the top-end response on this exhibit is 8.5Khz, so even the restorations sound like a recording of narrowband 1975 AM radio - just the way we like it.

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