GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Tim Brown for yet another wonderfully clean aircheck of WLS from 1977!
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America's first Star Wars disc jockey because he's never done his show on this planet!
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[Description by Uncle Ricky]

John Records Landecker says WLS is in turmoil — TURMOIL! It's the 6PM hour on June 7, 1977, and it seems the weather is so unpredictable, they're unsure if the station hard/softball team can play.

Here's a reminder that 1977 was a year of whiny boy ballads, bouncy pop and disco downers, but there were lots of great national spots, including those for Lowenbrau, Kodak, United Airlines and Henny Youngman for Turtle Wax.

A kid born in 1960 would have been 17 in 1977 and THIS was the beginning of the last gasp of AM Top 40 radio. In the Great Midwest, it probably never got much better than Landecker on The Big 89.

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