GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Kipper McGee, ABC Radio, and WLS, The Big 89, for this exhibit.
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PLAYJohn Records Landecker, WLS Chicago, May 28 2007, 9-10PM (51:35)
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. . . by the hand, pretty mama, that's not my hand, pretty mama . . .

Picture of Big Rock Mountain behind Chicago skyline engraved with THE ROCK OF CHICAGO BIG 89 REWIND, and the entire scene reflected in the lake

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Following the lead of sister-station WABC, WLS brought back some of the music and personalities of the station's legendary MusicRadio days on Memorial Day (May 28) 2007, for THE BIG 89 REWIND.

This exhibit highlights one of our favorite hours: John Records Landecker from 9-10 PM, the last of four hours. Landecker does his first Boogie Check since 1979, and is joined in the last few minutes by Tom Kent.

REELRADIO previously streamed the entire BIG 89 REWIND broadcast on July 4, 2007.

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