GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Gary Pedoto for the original recording of this popular aircheck.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Frankie Crocker, WMCA New York, August 6, 1969 (59:31)

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. . . If Frankie Crocker isn't on your radio, your radio really isn't on . . .

[Description by Gary Pedoto]

Here is "Instant Play" with Frankie Crocker, recorded on Wednesday, August 6, 1969, between 10 and 11pm on WMCA/570 AM.

It was recorded on an Aiwa AM/FM/Marine Band cassette recorder. The marine band section was interesting to me. I would listen to ship-to-shore calls placed with the "New York Marine Operator", the time station CHU in Canada, and other utility stations. The actual frequency range of the marine band, as I remember, was 1.7 Mhz to 4.3 Mhz. It was the lower end of the shortwave frequencies.

I used a 120-minute cassette to make this recording. There were a few repairs in the tape because it broke in two or three places, but only a few seconds of the program were lost each time.

TECHNICAL NOTE FROM UNCLE RICKY: 10 of the 14 reportable music performances were restored. All of the restored songs were played in their entirety. The songs that were not restored were cut short in the original broadcast.

Thanks to Stormy Hunter and Rob Frankel for their assistance in creating this exhibit.

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