GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Jeff Hollinger for this exceptional aircheck, and many others contributed to REELRADIO over the years.
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. . . are they playing overtime? . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Charlie Fox is flawless and fabulous in this first exhibit from May 15, 1980. This tightly-scoped aircheck from KHJ, Los Angeles has been restored here, but in 'scoped and restored versions, KHJ was in the land of the champions, 15 years after the birth of Boss Radio. Charlie salutes The Los Angeles Lakers on the eve of their 1979-1980 NBA Championship. Kareem didn't play, but Magic scored a record 42 points in game 6 that year, clinching the Lakers' championship.

At this point, KHJ was using jingles from both the early '70's Double A Image series from Drake-Chenault, and the Rhythm Of The City package from TM. Most memorable in this hour is the killer "Los Angeles" ID delivered by the legendary Paul Frees. It makes me tingle.

Danny Martinez opens this exhibit, and after that, there's Charlie and the restored music. Still, there's enough to savor the flavor of the season - Spring, 1980. Remember The Nude Bomb, Fame and Funkytown? I generally avoid restorations of airchecks that leave everything to the imagination, but for me, 29 years of age in 1980, there's enough of the "reel" world here to remember the good times.

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