GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Bob Radil for this stereo Golden Gift!
G2 Stereo 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 64.1Kbps (20KHz Stereo)
PLAY Bobby McGee, Bill Lenke, WTIC-FM Hartford CT 1978 (45:06)

. . . The boss went to see "FM" and now we have to get all the girls out of the studio . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]


The fidelity of this STEREO exhibit will be seriously degraded with connections of less than 32Kbps. STEREO requires twice the bandwidth of monaural for comparable fidelity.
They don't say Hot Hits and the jingles don't sing Hot Hits, but this is most assuredly Mike Joseph's Hot Hits format on WTIC-FM, Hartford Connecticut, in the summer of 1978.

Rhymin' Broadway Bill Lenke (aka Bill Lee) starts here and owns the last 13 minutes of this aircheck following an outstanding opening act from Bobby McGee. McGee exudes high-energy fun between those now-classic Hot Hits formatics, and under a few spots, too. (Listen carefully, it's fun stuff. Media buffs will also enjoy the classic commercials, which comprise the bulk of this aircheck.)

The jocks are having a ball, the rotation is hot, and what a great VARIETY of hit music in those pre-diverse late '70's - the exclusive trademark of genuine Top 40!

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