Gary Allyn, WSAI
Gary Allyn, WSAI, 1960

Gary Allyn, KCBQ
Gary at KCBQ, 1969

Gary Allyn and O.B. Ranger
Gary and O.B. Ranger

The Gary Allyn Collection

Gary Allyn is a radio veteran who worked for many legendary Top 40 stations. He started broadcasting at WING in Dayton, Ohio in 1955, and went on to WSAI, WZIP & WCPO in Cincinnati; WMET, WAME, and WMYQ in Miami; WPLO, Atlanta; KIMN & KTLK in Denver; KONO, San Antonio; KCBQ, KDEO, XTRA, XHIS & XHERS, KSEA, KEZL (KSDO-FM) in San Diego, and KWIZ & KIQQ in the Los Angeles Metro area.

Gary Allyn was "The World's Tallest Midget", a production director, music director, program director, or operations manager & National P.D. for lots of big radio companies, including Charter-Bartell, Scripps-Howard, Gannett, Noble, Consolidated Sun-Ray, Mission Broadcasting, Par, Plough and Star. Gary Allyn's consulting firm guided stations in Cleveland, Kansas City, Washington D.C., Tucson, Denver and other radio markets. He worked with many super-talents from the Top-40 era.

Additionally, Allyn owned and operated a recording studio (Top Spots); co-owned an advertising agency, worked as a booking agent, and owned a record company (LYN). Along with Neil Ross, Gary produced over 90 episodes of what has been called by some a "Cult Classic"...the radio comedy series: The Adventures Of The O.B. Ranger.

The Repository thanks Gary Allyn for sharing!

[Descriptions by Uncle Ricky]

G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
Gary Allyn, KCBQ San Diego, December 1965 (43:16)

. . . you'll get a chance to spin Santa's Magic Wheel . . .

Gary Allyn - December 2001
Gary Allyn,
December 2001
Description by Gary Allyn

This partially-scoped aircheck is also partially reconstructed. For this online exhibit, portions of incomplete musical performances from the supplied aircheck were replaced with complete versions (from licensed sources.)

Pat Michaels reports on the upcoming flight of Gemini VI-a, placing the date of this aircheck as December 14, 1965.

[REELRADIO Debut: 12/15/2002]

I made this aircheck 37 years ago (the week of December 12, 1965) at KCBQ, San Diego. It's mostly music, and includes a couple of Christmas songs and our regular Top 40 hits from 1965 as well.

You'll like some of the commercials, and there are references to Johnny Solo, Jim Mitchell, and Tom Murphy, all on the KCBQ staff at the time.

Notice too, the reverb on the entire audio chain. Lovely.

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
Gary Allyn, KONO San Antonio TX, 1968 (7:50)

. . . Ladies and Gentlemen, you're listening to the Top Dog . . .

"The World's Tallest Midget" & "Wine-Colored Velvet-Covered Couch" (World's Smallest Fan Club Card - actual size was one-and-one-half inches by three-quarters of an inch!)
Gary Allyn is featured here on "The G. A. Matinee" from KONO, San Antonio Texas, in 1968.

This recording of the "Gary-Go-Round" is our first aircheck of KONO. It was introduced on the first week of the Repository's fifth year.

We are very grateful to Gary for this contribution. In the 1960's, KONO was certainly a major TOP 40 performer in the historical city of San Antonio, Tejas. (Remember the Alamo!)

KONO had "Boss Fever" in 1968 (like so many Top 40's across the nation) and this aircheck features some "boss" acapellas from a well-known Texas jingle company.

Also, the Top 10 countdown prior to the #1 song of the week (Dr. Jon by Jon & Robin, peaked at #87 on Billboard) is not to be missed, it's classic topical Top 40 production!

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10Khz)
Robert L. Collins, KCBQ San Diego, December 17, 1969 (13:25)

. . . Hot dawg! Home folks! . . .

The late Robert L. (Bob) Collins is heard in the last hour of his afternoon drive show on The Heavy Eleven-Seven from December 17, 1969. He's also sitting in for the first hour of Lee Baby Simms, who was on "special assignment." Bob has some fun with the reverb button during Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye, and you'll also notice an unusual formatic: spots were laid over the instrumental introductions of the following record.

Scott Gregory is featured on traffic and long-time San Diego newsman Wade Douglas is heard with news (and a parting shot on that reverb button, too!)

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
Lee Baby Simms, KCBQ San Diego, November 1970 (24:00)

. . . he ain't your brother, man, they found him when he was a little kid in a wastebasket . . .

The astounding Lee Baby Simms is in top form. This is a fabulous sample of KCBQ in November of 1970.

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
The Adventures of the O.B. Ranger, Volume 1, Episodes 1-5 (16:17)
The Adventures of the O.B. Ranger, Volume 1, Episodes 6-10 (18:50)

. . . what a stroke of luck, Indian - he's asked us to light his woofer . . .

O.B. Ranger and Indian The original Adventures of the O.B. Ranger were heard on XHIS-FM (San Diego, CA.) in the early 1970's. Gary Allyn played O.B. Ranger, Lee Mirabal was Miss Melons (and other female parts), and Neilson Ross played practically everyone else.

Episode 1 O.B. meets arch enemy "Panama Red"
Episode 2 The Ranger & William Weed
Episode 3 William Weed invites O.B. to a Party
Episode 4 O.B. & Indian encounter "Lave sus Manos"
Episode 5 "Lave sus Manos" and O.B. in Gunfight
Episode 6 O.B on "This Is Your Strife"
Episode 7 "This Is Your Strife" Part 2
Episode 8 The Ranger Meets Series E. Bond
Episode 9 Series E. Bond and Kilo Kane
Episode 10 Kilo Kane (Part 2) - Chief Gets Shot

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