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PLAYRon Landry, WDRC Hartford CT. June 18, 1965  (58:12)
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. . . Dracula just got back from a tour of the Vampire State Building . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Exhibit contributed by Andy Bologovsky]

This is a great aircheck of a very complex and original morning show by Ron Landry, as he celebrates FIVE years on the air at Big D! The recording itself is somewhat technically challenged. But it IS Hartford's Big D/WDRC from June 18, 1965. Landry is amazing (he had a board op!) with custom drop-ins, weaving in and out of spots, even using the spots as his second banana! Very quick, very bright, and he often recorded his bits during the records, building his show as he went along.

The last two songs were restored, a little cleanup was applied, and a "beep" was added where there was a very ugly edit. The newscasts were not saved, but thankfully, we hear all the promos, spots, and all the music - including the Song Of Faith for the morning. At the date of publication, this aircheck is LESS than 50 years old, and there was a Song Of Faith on the leading Top 40 station in Hartford.

Great Stan Freberg Who Listens To Radio spot and many, many PAMS jingles. The "time tone" sounds like he's hitting a bell! Listen closely, and carefully - there's a lot of very clever humor in this hour.

Best of all - there is a big Beatles promotion - but no Beatles songs!

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