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PLAY   Mike Kelly, CKLW Logger June 29 1973 Pt. 5  (01:17:25)
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. . . Baby, you are one foxy mama, but the smell is something else . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Exhibit contributed by Andy Bologovsky]

picture of Mike Kelly, 1973
Mike Kelly, 1973
(picture courtesy of Gary Tinnes)
The late Mike Kelly (d. August 13, 2005) is showcased in this exhibit, Part 5 of nine CKLW logger recordings contributed to REELRADIO. Many considered Mike Kelly and The Big Eight to have the "perfect" Boss Jock sound. Every set is perfect, and there was a board engineer putting this all together.

We've read many comments about jocks who step on the vocal going into a song, but notice how quick Mike is on the tail of his tunes here.. I think he dumps a minute of Bloodstone when he says, "Enough of that now" ... but, a lot of what happened on CKLW, as you can hear, was the PRESENTATION. If the jock wanted to start talking before the record was over, fine. They made it work, and walked up the intro on the spot. This station was TIGHT. Check out the 'scoped version for a reminder of how precise this station could be. And 70 to 90-second stopsets? CKLW, take me away, but not far - that beer's not available in Ontario.

This recording, like the previous CKLW Logger Tapes (1, 2, 3, and 4) was recovered from the original logger reels by restorian Charlie Ritenburg, and it is comparable to a recording made from a narrow-band AM receiver in the local signal area of the mighty CKLW.

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