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PLAYLarry Lujack, WCFL Chicago, IL June 6, 1974 (54:00)

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. . . Just you and me, and you know which is more important . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

It's Larry Lujack's birthday — D-Day, 1974, and Superjock is on Super CFL.

This studio aircheck of Larry is bright, tight, and by the book - formatically proper, all but for a single boo-boo, but since it was his birthday, it's understandable. He pounds the desk and tries again. It was live radio, was else could he do?

There is a classically simple and funny spot for Blazing Saddles, "from the studio that brought you The Jazz Singer".

And, the last record, just before the closing D-Day news story, offers a stark contrast of generations, 30 years apart.


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